The Bilge Pumps

Bilgepumps Episode 46: Prince Philip, Prof Eric Grove & Infrastructure/Long Term Thinking

Episode Summary

Geeks Alone Again - yes, Jamie had father duties, so it was just Alex & Drach... these episodes come with a warning... So this week is Episode 46... We start off with Professor Eric Grove, who sadly passed away last week, move on to Prince Philip's legacy and then get into the thorny discussion of long term thinking. This week could honestly be summed up as we've lost two of leading advocates for thinking about more than your immediate needs, or your imminent needs, but those of generations to follow. Belt up securely because, we travel some rocky roads... #Bilgepumps is still a newish series and new avenue, which may no longer boast the new car smell, in fact we probably smell more like our pets, poodles, gerbils and a corgi... the latter especially of course appropriate for this weeks episode. But we're getting the impression it's liked, so we’d very much like any comments, topic suggestions or ideas for artwork to be tweeted to us, the #Bilgepump crew (with #Bilgepumps), at Alex (@AC_NavalHistory), Drach (@Drachinifel), and Jamie (@Armouredcarrier). Or you can comment on our Youtube channels (listed down below).

Episode Notes


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Online Book of Condolence

The Petition to make the Type 83 Class the Duke of Edinburgh Class