The Bilge Pumps

Bilgepumps Episode 56: Geeks Alone - Of Otters & Vipers / Now Fitted With?

Episode Summary

Episode 56, it's a Jersey Island special - and whilst unfortunately no Jamie due to logisticis and time, it was the first Bilgepumps ever recorded where all the participants were in the same room! So come listen as Alex & Drach have a nice chat about the Atlantic Wall and why spending 12% of the money on Jersey was not a good idea; followed by news that the Type 45s are to gain a mushroom farm! Yes, it may not be Mk41 VLS, and they may only be getting 24 Sea Ceptors - but the British government have been listening to Bilgepumps and will be raising the Type 45s from (depending on whether you include Harpoon) 4th or 5th rate to solid 3rd rate ships. 72 Surface to Air Missiles, comprising 48 upgraded Aster 30 and 24 Sea Ceptors is going to make them solidly capable into the 2030s, when hopefully the even better Type 83s will enter service. #Bilgepumps has reached year of podcasts and the series is still going... and we definitely smell more like our pets, poodles, gerbils and a corgi than the sea... But we're getting the impression it's liked, so we’d very much like any comments, topic suggestions or ideas for artwork to be tweeted to us, the #Bilgepump crew (with #Bilgepumps), at Alex (@AC_NavalHistory), Drach (@Drachinifel), and Jamie (@Armouredcarrier). Or you can comment on our Youtube channels (listed down below).

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