The Bilge Pumps

Bilgepumps Episode 65: The Australian SSN program with R.Adm James Goldrick

Episode Summary

#Bilgepumps this week is the regular crew in that it is two Brits and an Australian, all three being naval historians... however Jamie was busy, and instead we were joined by the amazing R.Adm James Goldrick (Royal Australian Navy Retired) to discuss in more detail the Australian Submarine program, where it went wrong, what lessons can be drawn from the Collins class program and where we think the AUKUS grouping could lead. We would also very much like any comments, topic suggestions or ideas for artwork to be tweeted to us, the #Bilgepump crew (with #Bilgepumps), at Alex (@AC_NavalHistory), Drach (@Drachinifel), and Jamie (@Armouredcarrier). Or you can comment on our YouTube channels (listed down below).

Episode Notes

Episode 64

Special Guest

R.Adm James Goldrick 


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